Story of the 5 frogs

So there were these 5 frogs who decided to run a race and climb up a tall pole to see who was the fastest. All the other little animals came to watch and cheer them on. The little rabbits and deer and birds and hedgehogs.

The race began and the little frogs started to hop as fast as they could towards the pole. As they were hopping the other little animals started telling them that they are mad to do this cause the pole is so high and they could hurt themselves.

They hopped on and one by one they started to fall out of the
race out of fear for getting hurt. Eventually there was just one frog left and he hopped on not listening to the other animals.
He eventually got to the pole and started to climb it. The other animals was shouting at him that he must not or he will get hurt and the pole is too high he would not make it.

He ignored them and eventually got to the top of the pole very proud of himself. When he came down all the little animals ran to him and asked: but how did you do that? We do not understand??

The little frog looked at them and said ” what I cannot hear you. I am deaf”.

Moral of the story: do not listen to negative people. Follow your dreams no matter how impossible it seems.